PMGY volunteer in Peru participants are based in Cusco, the Incan capital of world located in the Andes Mountains. The small city has so much history!  As you move through the narrow streets you can’t help but wander into the hidden markets, gaze upon the local artwork and chuckle at the llamas dressed in traditional material.


Peru is full of wonder with the Incan capital, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley, Rainbow Mountain, the Amazon and the Nazca lines along with coast. Here you can find yourself in a prime spot to visit places like Rainbow Mountain, the Maras Salt Mines, Sacred Site of the Moray, Lake Titicaca and the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


Participants generally volunteer on a Monday-Friday basis and the weekends are free to relax or travel further afield. As our volunteers will testify, the wider travel opportunities are extremely important to the whole experience and it is something we certainly recommend you get involved in. Our local team are able to arrange activities, transportation and accommodation but please note this is usually an independent experience outside of the core programme.


Cusco is the oldest continually inhabited city in the Western Hemisphere. The city will leave you amazed as you learn of its Puma shaped layout, historical ruins, Spanish colonial architecture, Incan temples and indigenous influence. This Peruvian beauty brings excitement and culture into all those that visit. As you live in the homes of the locals you will get an abundant mixture of tradition and tourism in this indigenous hub with its markets, beautiful women in traditional clothes with braids hanging long, Peruvian restaurants, wandering Alpacas and cafes a-plenty.




The Sacred Valley, or Vilcamayo to the Incas, traces its astonishingly beautiful course from Pisac down towards Urubamba, Ollantaytambo and eventually Machu Picchu. Located about 30km from Cusco, it is a steep-sided river valley that opens out into a very fertile but narrow alluvial plain. The river itself starts in the high Andes south of Cusco and is called the Vilcanota, the same name as the mountain where the river emerges from. From here on down the river is known as the ‘Río Urubamba’, an energetic and magnificent river which flows right down into the jungle.


Located in the southern region of Cusco, Vinicunca will satisfy the most adventurous of hikers and create unforgettable memories of breath-taking panoramas of high mountains, formidable glaciers, crystalline rivers, lakes, and peaceful pastoral scenes with herds of alpacas kept by Andean ranchers wearing colourful garments. This is a real adventure through a preserved and wild natural landscape, where you will meet with small communities of Quechua-speaking descendants. The trek reaches an altitude between 4710 and 5200 meters above sea level.


This river is a rafter’s dream! The day will start out at ‘Cusipata River Lodge’ where professional guides are awaiting groups for an intense raft adventure that will change your life. On this tour, you will raft on Vilcanota river, in the Chuquicahuana section. This section is more intense with adrenaline pumping rapids. The thrill is not finished there; this destination also offers a zip line adventure over Urubamba River reaching heights over 100m. Most participants only join for one day, but you are welcome to stay the night at the River Lodge.


Whether you are trekking for days through the Inca trail or taking the train for a night in Machu Picchu Pueblo, you won’t want to miss the sunrise climbing the mountain. Situated between the many winding roads are hidden staircases to allow visitors to climb to the entrance of this spiritual centre. Be sure to book yourself onto a guided tour where you will be informed of the invasion of Spanish Conquistadors, the hidden city and the architecture. Visitors will find themselves in awe of the panoramic views as they walk among the mountain tops.


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